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Tinman Newsletter

Pre-Month Schedule (May):

* Participants update their swim times 

* Heat start times posted on the Websites (Approx 2 weeks prior to race day based on swim times)

* Pre - Race Bike Check (optional) - get your bike checked before race day at "the cycle path" in Calgary. Bike check is available on race day.

* Make sure you have all the stuff you need - Bike, Bike Helmet, Swim suit, running shoes, etc., etc.!

* Watch the Vulcan Tinman 101 Video (found on Heats Schedule page) to learn what to expect on Race Day.   


Friday before Race - 6-8pm

Early In-Person Registration - Pick up bib and information for race day at the Gazebo by the Vulcan Swimming pool for athletes (optional) 

Volunteer Registration & t-shirt pick up


Day Schedule (times are approximate as things may change during the day)

In-Person Registration                        6:30am - 3:30pm


Bike Check                                        6:30am - 3:30pm


Competition/ Heats Start                     7:30am - 4:00pm

(Look at Heats for more detail)


Competitor Food Service                     9:00am - until last competitor crosses the line and eats!


Food Concession                                9:00am - until we are done or run out of stuff!


Race Goodie pick up                          9:00am - until last competitor gets their swag!


2017 Heat Chart (must arrive at least 15 minutes before heat time):

Heat # Race Category Heat Start Time
1 Full 7:30am
2 Full 8:05am
3 Full 8:30am
4 Full 9:00am
5 Full 9:25am
6 Full 9:45am
7 Full 10:15am
8 YOUTH (Tincan) 10:35AM
9 YOUTH (Tincan) 10:50AM
10 Full 11:05am
11 Full 11:25am
12 TINBIT 11:45AM
13 1/2 TIN 12:30PM
14 1/2 TIN 1:00PM
15 Full 1:30pm
16 Full 1:50pm
17 Full 2:10pm
18 Full 2:45pm
19 Full 3:15pm
20 Full 3:34pm
21 Full 3:55pm