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Tinman Newsletter

This is the 28th Vulcan Tinman Triathlon and as usual we expect a big crowd.  Please scroll through the following links to learn more about our great event. Hope to see you on Cool SUNNY June 3, 2017!


Vulcan Tinman Triathlon us goosebumps!



Cancellation/Refund Policy

Waiver and Legal Stuff
Procedure on Race Day
Bike Check
Course Map
Triathlon (click on individual events below)

Water / Medical Stations
Where to Stay
How do I get to Vulcan?
Miss Manners
Prizes & Results
Contact Info



  Swim Bike Run
Full Tinman (Sprint) - Individuals 20 lengths (500 m)* 15 km 5 km
Full Tinman (Sprint) - Team 20 lengths (500 m)* 15 km 5 km
1/2 Tin - Individual 10 lengths (250 m)* 7.5 km 2.5 km
1/2 Tin - Team 10 lengths (250 m)* 7.5 km 2.5 km
TinCan -  Individuals (recommended for 14 & under) 4 lengths (100 m)* 5 km 1.5 km
TinCan -  Teams       (recommended for 14 & under) 4 lengths (100 m)* 5 km 1.5 km
Tinbits (recommended for 8 and under) 1 length (25 m)* 0.8 km 0.25 km
  *25 m outdoor pool    


Age cut-offs - ok so we don't care how old you, we just care about you!  Our race is all about getting out and participating in a fun event with family, friends or accomplishing a bucket list item for yourself!  So find the race that is right for you and participate in it.  If you are 15 and want to do the Full Tinman...go for it!  If you are 55 and want to do the 1/2 Tin...that is awesome...all we care about is that you remember to bring your bike helmet!  (oh and maybe a bathing suit...yeah we want you to bring that too!)


See registration page for exact includes all online fees in the price. Race fee includes race souvenir, smiles and post race munchies. 
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Due to our commitments to sponsors, suppliers and local charities, RACE FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.  However, competitor substitutions or transfer of entries will be allowed, if the race director is notified BEFORE "TBA".  Check the forum (above) where people who want in or out can connect.  If transferring or selling a spot, full contact information and a new insurance waiver must be provided for the replacement person. If the race is cancelled or postponed prior to race day the organizers will make every effort to reschedule the event. If the registrant cannot make the rescheduled date, the registrant acknowledges that NO REFUND or CREDIT will be granted.If the race has to be cancelled once the race has begun, unfortunately NO REFUND or CREDIT can be granted.

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You will need to agree to all of the legal things on this waiver before you register, so you may want to have a look before you sign up.  We aren’t asking you to sign away your first born male child  (we have more than enough kids of our own) however, we want you to understand the risks and don’t want you rushing through when you register and possibly signing something you haven’t read! tinman waiver


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Plan to be at the Bike Check (Step 1), at least an hour before your heat time.



  • Step 1 - Start at the Cyclepath Bike Check (unless you went to Early Bird Check in Calgary).  Cyclepath will be set up at the corner of Centre St and 5th Ave – east of the bike racks. You will receive a bike sticker that will allow you to proceed to Step 2
  • Step 2 - Proceed through Registration, right beside the bike check – if possible, be there 1 hour before heat time
  • You will receive your race number (lovingly applied by our skilled staff to various parts of your body), your timing chip, and race bib and your heat time will be confirmed.
  • Step 3 - Rack your bike in the transition area and set out your gear, health and beauty items etc.
  • Report to the pool at least 15 minutes before your heat time. (to avoid congestion, please remain in the spectator area of the pool until 15 minutes before your heat).
  • Race package (swag.) can be picked up anytime during the day, at the Prize/Packages tent beside the food gazebo.  (You will need to have picked up your race bib before you pick up your package).



On race day or at Cyclepath Early Bird Check - 9176 Macleod Trail S Calgary, a week before the race. See for store hours.


Cyclepath will check your bike, and make any necessary repairs. Your race package will be handed out at registration on race day - there is nothing to pick up at Cyclepath.


Bike check will also take place on race-day.  Your bike sticker will be attached to your bike when it passes inspection. We will be checking brakes, seats and handlebars to make sure that nothing is loose or "dysfunctional". Bikes will not be admitted into the Transition Area without this sticker.


All competitors: Please bring your helmet with you for inspection. ANSI, SNELL or CSA approved helmets are mandatory.

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Click here to view a map of the Town of Vulcan



Adult Course Map

The race begins at the swimming pool, located on Centre Street. The bike and run portion of the race start and end at the pool for all categories of the Tinman. The run route is marked in yellow (above) and the bike route is in red.


The block surrounding the pool will be closed to vehicle traffic, but there will be a drop off zone for race participants at the corner of Centre and 5th Streets. Parking will be available on side streets and also at the Vulcan Cultural and Recreation Centre. Please do not park anywhere from the bike transition to the Highway, or along 5th ave, from Centre St to 10th St, since this will be the route of the 8 and under Tinbit bikers. Your car doors and paint job will thank you.
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Swim – in a 25 m outdoor saline pool (with a hot-tub for “après race”).
Change rooms and bathrooms are at the Pool. Check in with the “Pool Police” and you will be assigned a lane.


Don't worry about how long it takes you to complete the swim.  We "tip" the swimmers into the pool, one at a time, so you won’t be racing against anybody but yourself.  Just ignore the other 2 people thrashing away in your lane.  We ask for your swim time so that you can be grouped with swimmers of similar speed.  You'll be done when you’re done … and not a minute sooner!  Only you and your timing chip know how long it took!


You may leave towels, glasses, shoes etc. at the side of the pool but you must take them with you when you leave the pool for the bike transition. Most competitors prefer to run barefooted to the transition, and then towel off and dress there.


Many race participants wear their swimsuits for the bike and run portion of the Triathlon. If you will be more comfortable changing to dry clothes in the changeroom after your swim, please feel free to do so, the choice is entirely yours.


Swim/bike transition – Run from the pool to the transition on swept asphalt – approx. 75 metres. No “personal handlers” (husband, masseuse, astrologist etc.) will be allowed in the transition area. Competitors with race numbers only please! Do not mount your bike until you are through the transition area (see course map). You must have your helmet on and done up before you leave the transition area.


Bike – The course is lightly rolling with a slight uphill gain, on a paved secondary highway. You ride out towards the mountains and back again on the same route. The road will be traffic controlled by police and race officials, but will not be completely closed to traffic. Please ride with caution, and slow down for the turn around. It is your responsibility to turn around at the correct turnaround for your category (only you know for sure if you are a 13 year old boy or a 20 year old woman). There will be signs stating u13 turn, or adult turn etc. Every km will be marked. IPODS, MP3 PLAYERS OR ANY DEVICE WHICH IMPAIRS YOUR HEARING ARE BANNED ON THE BIKE COURSE...IT IS JUST NOT SAFE IF YOU CAN'T HEAR TRAFFIC BEHIND YOU!!!!


Bike/run transition – You must get off your bike before entering the transition area. Each competitor must put their own bike on the rack; our “bike boys and girls” will be there to help.


Run – The course is a relatively flat out and back run along 5th Ave and on the walking path. Again the road will not be completely closed to traffic, but will be monitored by race officials. For the sake of your lungs, discourage your “entourage” from driving out to see how you are doing. If we have a dry spring the road can be rather dusty, and you won’t be happy to see mom and the kids driving back and forth. Again, it is your responsibility to turn around at the correct turnaround. There will be signs stating u13 turn, or adult turn etc. Every km will be marked.


Finish – At last! Take that final sprint for world famous food, water and pats on the back. (Don’t forget the hot tub!) There is a concession available for spectators, and competitors are welcome to indulge in a buffet of pancakes, fruit, date squares etc.


Please remove your bikes/clothes from the transition area within 2.5 hrs of your start time. You may be sharing your spot with another racer – if you don’t move your bike they may end up riding your bike or wearing your underwear. Enough said. 
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We will be using chip timing from Race Headquarters.  This means that at registration you will be given a timing chip.  We have found that using an automated timing system provides us with very accurate splits and final times for all of the competitors. However, if it is vitally important to you to know how many seconds each leg has taken – please bring a watch of your own! 
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Now that we have timing chips, our team handoff system is a little "less casual".  Each team will have been given one timing chip (a velcro strap that fits on your ankle).  The swim to bike handoff will be at the beginning of the bike transition (east side).  The Bike Boys and Babes will direct the bikers to "Waiting Spot #1".  The swimmers will get out of the pool, run down the asphalt path to the transition, crossing the timing pad on the way.  At "Waiting Spot #1", the chip will be handed over, the biker will then stroll/sprint to his racked bike and set off on the course.  When he returns he will hand off the chip to the team runner, who will be standing at "Waiting Spot #2" (at the west end of the bike transition).  The runner will then set off on their way, crossing the timing pad as they leave the transition area.  The biker can then rack their bike and collapse on the ground.  After a suitable interval of recovery, the swimmer and biker can head over to the finish line to cheer on their runner, or just go straight for the food, assuming that their runner will eventually show up!
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There will be water stations at the bike turn-arounds and every 2 km on the run route. 
There will be first aid stations on both the bike and run route and in the swimming pool office. In the event of an emergency contact a race volunteer, or head straight for the Vulcan Community Health Centre. (see course map) 
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This race is lots of fun for the kids if the parents remember a few very key points:

  • We don’t time the tinbits
  • there is no prize for first place (all prizes will be random draws)
  • all the kids will receive a treat at the finish
  • the tinbits are all in one heat, but they will not all go in the water at the same time! We will line them up 10 or 15 at a time, and put them into the pool in waves (oldest to youngest). They will start their one length in the deep end and are welcome to use swim aids (but not flippers, since these hit other kids in the face).
  • helmets must be worn (and done up!) 
  • shoes must be worn (and laced up! loose laces in bike gears cause very sudden and unhappy stops. Let’s not even talk about what bare toes do when caught in bike gears – lets just say that both parent and child will be in therapy for years!)
  • tinbits may put their shoes on at the edge of the pool, or at their bike, but they must be on and laced up before they get on their bike. 
  • you are welcome to run along beside your child, but remember – when you run backwards to take that perfect photo of your baby, you may well be running over somebody else’s baby. We haven’t had a Tinbit injury yet – but all of our close calls have been caused by “overly focussed parents”. 
  • Tinbit route - bike down 5th Ave and back, and run along 1st Ave N to 6th Ave to their very own finish line.
  • TINBIT BIKE RACKS ARE ON THE NORTH SIDE OF HTE POOL (ADULT BIKE RACKS ARE ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE POOL). There will be seperate Tinbit bike racks, but if your child's bike has a kickstand you are welcome to stand it on its own (this is usually the easiest). Our tinbit wranglers will help find a spot for your child's bike.


There will be a Tinbit meeting at 11:15 am at the North side of the pool, prior to the race. We will go over the race route and the rules and answer any questions.


Tinbit map: under construction


Country Inn, Vulcan (403) 485-2281
Wheatland Motel, Vulcan (403) 485-2211
Mossleigh Inn, Mossleigh (403) 534-244


Virginia Mitchell Park, Vulcan (16 sites – first come first serve)
Little Bow Provincial Park (40 km S of Vulcan) (403) 897-3933
Wyndham Carseland Provincial Park (60 km N of Vulcan) (403) 934-3523
Vulcan Auto and Truck Stop R.V. Park (403) 485-6905 
Carmangay Tipi Rings Park Campground (403) 897-3833
Lake McGregor Campground (403) 599-0009

Aspen Crossing, Mossleigh

Champion Campground

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Vulcan is located halfway between Calgary and Lethbridge. The simplest route from Calgary is S to High River and then E to Vulcan (just follow the highway signs). On race day it is best to stay on Highway 23 all the way to Vulcan as Highway 534 is being used for the race and is slower due to reduced speed limits. 

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To make the day more enjoyable for you, other race participants and spectators, please note the following:

  • Dogs must be kept on a leash (please poop and scoop). No dogs will be allowed on the pool deck.
  • Be considerate when parking your vehicle. Please do not block any driveways. 


If you have any time during the day, consider visiting some of our downtown businesses and museum. You may have come for a race, but you could go home with a couch or a lawnmower! Of particular interest is the Vulcan Tourism and Trek Centre – have a look – so that you can truly say that you have beamed to Vulcan! 
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Thank you to our sponsors for our many fabulous prizes. They will be on display at the registration table on Race Day. Race results will be posted as they become available and will also be online by June 3, 2013.


Since most of our prizes are random draws, check with registration and see if you are a winner! Random draw prizes can be picked up when you register. 
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Questions or problems? – send us an email...


Colleen Carey, Race Director:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Box 785, Vulcan AB, TOL 2B0



Good luck and have a great race!