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Tinman Newsletter

Can the race directors be bribed?
We've always been very clear about how much we enjoy chocolate, flowers and wine. Feel free to send them by the truckload. Unfortunately it won't help your position on the waiting list.


Is there a waiting list?
Not really!  (which is why gifts won’t help!)  Once the race is full we don’t keep a list of hopefuls.  However, close to race day we often have people who need to withdraw and would like to sell their spot.  We have a forum where you can contact each other and arrange an exchange.


Can I sell my spot?
Yes, since we are unable to offer refunds, that is the easiest way to get your money back.    

I have a computer, but my buddy doesn’t – how can he register? 
Virtually every public library in Alberta has online access. Pop in to your community library, register for the race and pick up a book on cross training, or bike repair. You can also access your email from the library computers. 

Can two people make up a team? 

Do I need a wetsuit?
No, you’ll be in a heated, outdoor pool. We do require bathing suits though. 

How many swimmers per lane? 
Maximum of 3 per lane – if you’re lucky there may be only 2. 

What if I’m a slow swimmer? 
Don’t worry. We have had lots of competitors who learned to swim just for our race. You can rest at either end, and can take as long as you need. The important thing is to have fun, and finish if possible. Style and speed definitely do not count. 

Can I wear my ipod or mp3 player when I am biking?

NO! NO! and how about NO! The road you will be biking on has traffic control but you will be sharing it with cars & trucks, and maybe a tractor.  So in order for you, your fellow competitors and the cars on the road to be safe, we need you to be able to hear other cyclists and traffic!  Plus the volunteers need to be able to direct you to where you need to go and no one wants to do more mileage now do they?



I need to share my bike with my spouse - can we be in heats that are far apart?
After you are registered (and heats are posted), you can email us with “special requests”.  We can’t promise anything, but we’ll do our best to help you out.  

I don’t want to wear a bike helmet, because I hate having helmet head when I run. 
Sorry, we hate having to hose brains off the course. No helmet… no race.



Can I use a mountain bike? 
Yes, you can use any type of bike you would like (except a motorbike) - as long as it passes our bike safety inspection.



Is it true that there can be such a strong headwind on the bike course that you feel like you are standing still on the way out, and then when you turn around to head back to town you don’t even have to pedal because the wind is pushing you along at 60 km/h?


What’s the weather like in Vulcan at the beginning of June? 
We can guarantee the following conditions on race day: it will be either a perfect race day with 25c temps, clear skies and light winds or snow, torrential rains, baking heat (40c temps), dust storms, dry winds, wet winds or hail. We have had them all. We have even had them all on the same day! Welcome to Alberta. 

Is the race ever cancelled due to weather? 
The only reason for cancellation/delay would be lightning or it is raining so hard you can't see the pavement and it is dangerous for biking. We want the race to be exciting, but not electrifying! Snow is not a good enough reason for cancelling (unless the plows are booked...just kidding...not really though) – so bring your mitties and your sunhats. 

May I bring my dog to run with me? 
Yes, but… please poop and scoop and keep your dog leashed at ALL times, don’t leave your dog tied up unattended and don’t take him anywhere near the bike course. Even if you know that your dog won’t jump at a biker riding by – the tired and possibly wobbly biker doesn’t know this. And even the best trained dog can react unpredictably with all of the activity going on. However, if you have a cat or a lizard that you would like to have run along, you don’t need a leash, but you still need to poop and scoop.


Is it true that you serve nanaimo bars, donuts, muffins, pancakes and piles of fruit at the end of the race?

Absolutely. However since you just did an amazing job of training don't be greedy and leave some for other competitors as well.  You don't want to get in trouble for putting your hand in the cookie jar too many times...and we have had to do this...true story!